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Q - Why do you offer so many options on your Copper Canyon Models? 
A - Lighting is a very unique product that most people purchase infrequently and are therefore not as familiar with. It can also be very expensive so making the right decisions is important. There are many options such as colors, styles, sizes, locations and purpose which our trained sales staff will be happy to assist you with. We want to be sure that you are ordering what you need. We call it old fashioned full service, but at at low internet pricing. Our sales staff will discuss your particular situation and have been known to save customers money by recommending other models or manufacturers.
Q - Where are your lights made?
A - As a full service showroom, we carry over 100 name brands plus the Copper Canyon lights we make ourselves. Over 99% of the lights sold by other companies are now made in China and entire industries are disappearing from the country. We try to carry as many models as possible that are made in America. They tend to be more expensive, but are usually superior in quality and offer more design options and color choices
Q - Can you get specific name brands of lighting other than what is shown on your internet site?
A - We carry practically all the major brands. That is just one of the advantages of having the largest lighting showroom in New Mexico. All we need is the manufacturer's name and a model number to get you a price quote. We try to keep our prices the same or lower than the competition so be sure to let us know how we are doing.
Q - Why don't you sell home accessories and gifts like towels, soap dispensers, wall paper, and bookends?
A - We made a decision 15 years ago when starting the company only to sell lighting and related products like bathroom towel bars that would match the lighting.  We find that having too many different types products makes it hard to provide the high level of service and expertise that lighting requires. We pride ourselves on being lighting experts and do not want to dilute our efforts in being a premier lighting internet showroom.
Q - How are lights installed?
A - UL and most state codes require a 3 3/4 inch round or square electrical box to be installed in the wall or ceiling when the house it built. Our lights include all the hardware to attach and cover that box in as easy a way as possible. We can also accommodate non-standard mounting situations such as wires coming out of the wall or swag hooks. Log and timber frame homes often to not use standard electrical boxes and we can fabricate special hooks or plates to accommodate this. Please call for details.
Q - Do you sell to designers or stores at a discount?
A - We can offer limited discounts on large orders of  $3000 or more based on the products. Many of our products now fall under UMRP guidelines which regulate the minimum price we can sell them for or risk losing that company as a supplier.   Providing the free shipping and keeping our prices low also limits our discount options. If we marked our products up several times like many stores, we could give big discounts, but we do not believe in that "game". Please call for specific information.
Q - How do you handle returns?
A - There is a 25% restocking charge on all merchandise to cover the initial shipping charges to send the order.  Please be aware that if the cardboard boxes arrive too damaged for us to reship the products, we will not be able to provide a credit and you will have to file a claim with your shipping company. Ceiling fans and chandeliers cannot have been installed as we cannot sell them once the wires have been cut. Missing or damaged parts will be charged a restocking fee equal to the cost to return them to like new condition. We highly recommend double boxing the products to prevent any damage to both the items and the boxes. Any damage will be the sender's responsibility.
Q - How well do your lights hold up outside?
A - We use the highest quality paint and materials possible. Most of our outdoor wall lights are made from stainless steel and will never rust. We use automotive grade etching primers and premium acrylic house paints for long lasting color. Everything will fade eventually based on the amount of sun and weathering they receive, but our lights should give many years of beauty and service with no problems. We offer a full 1 year warranty on the entire light and will replace it for free including shipping if there are any problems at all.
Q - What is the normal shipping time?
A - We stock thousands of items to speed up orders. If the items are in stock, such as many of the fans and some lights, they usually ship the same or next day ground UPS. Copper Canyon lighting is hand made to order and normally takes 3 weeks to ship. We do have a rush program for most items that guarantees a 10 day or less manufacturing time plus shipping.  Orders are shipped complete to avoid partial order confusion and reduce our shipping costs. The exception being shipments sent directly from the manufacturers or drop shipping.  Shipping costs have risen every year and are now one of the most expensive parts of our business. As an example, to send a pallet of lights by truck, no matter what the weight, now costs an average of $375 and up to $900 based on the destination distance and town size. That is why we may have to add a surcharge for freight shipments going to rural areas or smaller cities not on regular routes.
Q- How do you handle payments?
A- We use Google Checkout, accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover credits cards and accept checks and money orders via telephone sales. Orders are normally charged within 3 days of the sale to ensure the card is valid and reduce the potential of fraud. Orders paid by check will be held until the check clears.



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