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Japanese and Asian Style Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are probably the most practical and efficient way of lighting a room. Our Japanese and Oriental inspired ceiling lights offer a wonderful mix of style and practical lighting.  Many of our Japanese ceiling lights are custom made to order and offer a wide variety of custom features and designs.  These oriental style  ceiling lights can provide a perfect design touch to your room.

These Japanese style ceiling lights are part of complete families, each with its own page. To view these families, please click on any of the pictures.

Japanese Style Ceiling Lights
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CL870 Kinosaki Series

for Indoors and Outdoors

Moro Series

for Indoors and Outdoors

MF Kaidan Series
MF Kaidan Series

CM Vale Series

Quorum Arts and Crafts Series

MF Nagoya Series

Sakura Series

Japanese and Asian style ceiling lights are critically important in setting the tone for bedrooms, offices, hallways and other smaller to moderate sized rooms by providing a clean, architectural or intricate oriental design. Japanese style ceiling lights should be sized large enough to provide quality lighting for the room without overwhelming it by being too large or ornate. Architecturally elegant lines with clean designs are very popular in Japanese and Asian lighting.  We work with 100's of companies and designers to provide this large selection of Japanese ceiling lights to choose from. We also design and manufacture our own Copper Canyon line of asian ceiling lights found exclusively here.

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